Fries rearrangement: Reaction of phenol

Esters of phenols yield phenolic ketones on treatment with anhydrous aluminum chloride. This intermolecular rearrangement is called Fries rearrangement. This reaction involves the migration of an acyl group from phenolic oxygen to ortho and para positions of the aromatic ring with respect to the hydroxyl group. For example, phenyl ethanoate yields ortho- and para- hydroxy aceto phenones.

fries rearrangement reaction of phenol

Fries rearrangement is considered better than direct acylation as the yield is good.

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  2. A thing to be noted here is that in this case Ortho product is more than meta. This is because 1,4 shift of C-O bond isn't as favourable as a 1,2 shift. Hence,Ortho is more.