Reaction of Ether with Sulphuric Acid

Chemical Properties of Ethers (with H2SO4)

On heating with dilute sulfuric acid under pressure, ethers are hydrolysed to alcohols.
For example,

C2H5OC2H5 + H2O ----(dil.H2so4,high pressure)-----> 2C2H5OH

Mixed ethers under similar conditions give a mixture of alcohols.

CH3OC2H5 + H2O ------(dil.H2so4,high pressure)------>C2H5OH + CH3OH

But if concentrated sulfuric acid is used, then the products are alcohol and alkyl hydrogen sulphate.

C2H5OC2H5 (Diethyl ether) -----(heat, conc. H2SO4)-----> C2H5OH (ethanol)+ C2H5OSO2OH (ethyl hydrogen sulphate)

Ethers containing secondary and tertiary alkyl groups form alkenes with conc. sulphuric acid.
For example

reaction of H2SO4 with Ether

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