Application of Adsorption

Industrial Application of Adsorption Process

1. Activated charcoal is used to remove bad odours inside refrigerator and to deodourise tap water in water purifier. It is also used in gas masks to adsorb poisonous gases in the atmosphere.

2. In sugar industry animal charcoal is used to decolourise raw sugar solution obtained from sugar cane.

3. In chromatography, suitable adsorbents are used. They selectively adsorb certain substance from solution. Adsorption chromatography is used for detection and separation of mixtures.

4. In dehumidifier, silica gel is used as adsorbent.

5. Activated charcoal is  used to maintain vacuum in laboratory vessels such as Dewar flask.

6. Heterogeneous catalysis  mostly operate through adsorption of reactant molecules.

7. Softening of water using ion exchange resin is based on selective adsorption of ions which cause hardness.

8. In mordant dyeing, mordants adsorb colour.

9. Ferric hydroxide can adsorb arsenic ions and hence it is used as antidote against arsenic poisoning.

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