General Knowledge Questions: Chemistry

GK Chemistry Questions and answer about Elements

Some frequently asked Chemistry gk questions about elements

Chemistry GK >> 1. Hydrogen

1. Which is the most abundant element in the Universe ?
Answer: Hydrogen

2. Which is the atom without Neutron ?
Answer: Hydrogen

3. Who discovered Hydrogen ?
Answer: Henry Cavendish

4. Who named Hydrogen ?
Answer: Lavoisier

5. Which isotope of Hydrogen has Radio Active nature ?
Answer: Tritium

6. Which gas is used to make Vanaspathi ?
Answer: Hydrogen

7. Which is the lightest element ?
Answer: Hydrogen

8. Which is the element common to all Acid ?
Answer: Hydrogen

Chemistry GK >> 2. Helium 

1. Which is the second most abundant element in the universe ?
Answer: Helium

2. Which gas is used to for filling air ships and observation balloons ?
Answer: Helium

3. Who discovered Helium ?
Answer: William Ramsay

4. Which is the lightest Noble gas ?
Answer:  Helium

* Chemistry GK >> 3. Lithium

1. Which metal has least density ?
Answer: Lithium

2. Which metal is kept in wax ?
Answer: Lithium

* Chemistry GK >> 4. Carbon

1. Who discovered Carbon dioxide ?
Answer: Joseph black

2. Who discovered Carbon Monoxide ?
Answer: Joseph Priestly

3. Solid form of Carbon dioxide is known as ?
Answer: Dry Ice

4. What is water gas ?
Answer: Mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen

5. What is Producer gas ?
Answer:  Mixture of carbon monoxide and Nitrogen

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