Preparation of Methanol

Industrial Preparation of Methanol

Methanol, CH3OH, which is also known as 'Wood alcohol' or 'Wood spirit'. Methanol is produced by the destructive distillation of wood. Today, most of the methanol is produced by catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monoxide at high pressure and temperature and in presence of Cu-ZnO-Cr2O3 catalyst.

Co + 2H2 ----(Cu-ZnO-Cr2O3, 200-300 atm, 573-673 K)------> CH3OH

Methanol is a colourless liquid with boiling point 337 K. It is highly poisonous in nature. Injection of even small quantities of methanol can cause blindness and in large quantities, even death.

Uses of Methanol

Methanol is used as a solvent on paints, varnishes etc. and methanol is chiefly for the preparation of formaldehyde. Methanol is also used for denaturing ethanol.

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