Extraction of sulphur

Sulphur occurs in nature in the elemental forms, as metal sulphides and as sulphates. Sulphur also occurs as H2S present in natural gas.
Sulphur is extracted by the following methods
1. Frasch process
In this process, sulphur is extracted from underground deposits by pumping super heated steam down the beds to melt the sulphur and then blown out the molten sulphur with compressed air.
2. Extraction of sulphur from natural gas
Natural gas contains a large amount of hydrogen sulphides (H2S). Hydrogen sulphide is first absorbed in monomethanolamine and then converts H2S into sulphur by the following reactions.
2H2S + 3O2 ------------> 2SO2 + 2H2O
2H2S + SO2 ------------> 3/8 S8 + 2H2O (at 673K and Fe2O3 as catalyst)

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