Chemistry for KIDS

These important simple chemistry questions will help kids to attain a high score in chemistry quiz and competitive exams.

Common Name and Chemical Names of Compounds 

Lime Water  =>>  Calcium hydroxied

Liquor Ammonia  =>> Ammonium hydroxied

Castic Soda  =>>  Sodium hydroxied

Castic Potash  =>>  Potassium hydroxied

Castic Lotion  =>>  Silver nitrate

Washing Soda  =>>  Sodium Carbonate

Chilie Salt peter  =>>  Sodium Nitrate

Blue vitriol  =>>  Copper Sulphate

Spirit  =>>  Ethyl alcohol

Quick lime  =>>  CalciumOxide

Chalk  =>>  Calcium Carbonate

Baking Soda  =>>  Sodium bicarbonate

Gypsum  =>>  Calcium Sulphate

Rock salt  =>>  Sodium Chloride

Carborundum  =>>  Silicon carbide

Nitre (salt peter)  =>>  Potassium nitrate

Red lead  =>>  Triplumbic tetroxide

Hypo  =>>  Sodium thiosulphate

Candy fluid  =>>  Potassium permanganate

Plaster of paris  =>>  Calcium sulphate

Limestone  =>>  Calcium carbonate

Marble  =>>  Calcium carbonate

Lunar Caustic  =>>  Silver nitrate

Slaked lime  =>>  Calcium hydroxide

Most Important simple questions About Elements

1. Which is the heaviest element gas ?
Answer: Radon

2. Which is the heaviest metal ?
Answer: Osmium

3. Which is the lightest elemental gas ?
Answer: Hydrogen

4. Which is the lightest metal ?
Answer: Lithium

5. Which is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere ?
Answer: Nitrogen

6. Which is the most abundant gas in the universe ?
Answer: Hydrogen

7. Which is the most abundant element in the earths crust ?
Answer: Oxygen

8. Which is the most abundant metal in the earths crust ?
Answer: Aluminum

9.  Which is the Metal used as filament of electric bulb ?
Answer: Tungsten

10. Which is the most conducting element ?
Answer: Silver

11. Which is the first artificial element ?
Answer: Technetium

Chemistry Questions Ores and Metals

Ore  =>>  Metal

Pitch Blend  =>>  Uranium

Monosite  =>>  Thorium

Dolomite  =>>  Calcium

Limestone  =>>  Calcium

Gypsum  =>>  Calcium

Flourospar  =>>  Calcium

Malachite  =>>  Copper

Copper Pyrities  =>> Copper

Copper gland  =>>  Copper

Chalcolite  =>>  Copper

Zinc blend  =>>  Zinc

Magnatite  =>>  Magnesium

Pyrolusite  =>>  Manganese

Bauxite  =>>  Aluminum

Wolframite  =>>  Tungsten

Scheelite  =>>  Tungsten

More chemistry competitive questions coming soon  !


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