Diazonium salt

Diazonium salt reactions

Diazonium salts have N2 X functional group attached to an aryl group. They are highly unstable and are mainly used as a synthetic intermediate for various compounds. Alkyl diazonium salt do not exist even below 00C.


Nomenclature of Diazonium salt
The name is obtained by adding diazonium chloride, sulphate etc. to the name of parent hydrocarbon.

Methods of Preparation

Aromatic diazonium salts are prepared from aromatic primary amines. aromatic primary amine is taken in the ice-cold solution of HCL and adding sodium nitrite at 00C we get aromatic diazonium salt. This reaction is known as diazotisation.

Diazonium salt are highly unstable and they are not stored and they are not stored and are used immediately after their preparation.

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