Amine Carbonyl Reaction Mechanism

Reaction of Amine with Carbonyl compunds

Only primary amines react with aldehydes and ketones and condensation products are obtained. These condensation products are known as imines or Schiffs bases.

R-CHO (aldehyde) + RNH2  ---------> RCH = N-R (aldimine)

R2CO (ketone) + R-NH2 --------> R2C = N-R (ketimines)

Imines can be reduced to secondary amines. This reaction, in turn, can be used to convert a primary amine to secondary amine.

RCH = NR  ------(H2 / Ni)-----> R-CH2-NH-R  (Secondary amine)

R2C = N-R ------(H2 / Ni)-----> R2CH-NH-R

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