Importance of Stereochemistry

Stereo chemistry Importance 

Stereochemistry is an important aspect of carbon compounds. It is prevalent in the whole universe. The human body is structurally chiral with the heart lying to the left and the liver to the right in the body. Many plants show chirality which help them to wind around supporting structures. Most of the molecules found in animals and plants are chiral and usually only one form of chiral molecules occur in a species. All the naturally occurring amino acids have L configuration. The synthesized D-proteins made from D aminoacids are some what resistant to break down by protein digesting enzymes.All naturally occurring sugars are of D-configuration. The enzyme, yeast can specifically ferment D-glucose and not its L-form.

Stereo chemistry also plays an important role in deciding the physiological properties of compounds. (-) Nicotine is much more toxic than (+) Nicotine. (+) Adrenaline is very active in constriction of blood vessels than (-) Adrenaline.

Chirality is crucial for the effect of drugs. In many cases only one enantiomer is found to have the desired effect while the other isomer may be totally inactive or has an opposite effect. (-) Thyroxine, an amino acid of thyroid gland speeds up metabolic processes and causes nervousness and loss of weight. But (+) Thyroxin has none of these effects but is used to lower the cholesterol levels.

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