Transuranium elements

Uranium is the last element occurring in nature. The elements coming after uranium are called transuranium elements. They are all synthetic in nature and are man made. They are radioactive and most of them have short half lives.

For example :-

238U92 + 1n0239 U92 239 Np93 + 0e-1

Uranium → Neptunium

239 Np93 239 Pu94 + 0e-1

Neptunium → Plutonium

( Here the Uranium(238,92) is abundant and non fissionable, It can be made into fissionable by reaction given above )

The element beyond actinides in the periodic table form atomic number 104 to 112 are called transactinide elements. These elements are rutherfordium (Rf), dubnium (Db), Seaborgium (Sg) etc. The nuclear reactions for the preparation of some of the transactinide elements are given below.

249Cf98 + 12C6 257Rf 104+ 4 1n0

Californium Rutherfordium

249Cf98 + 15N7257Db 104+ 4 1n0

Californium → Dubinium

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